Tony Stark Biography: Early life, Education, Net worth and his most Influential Quotes.

Tony Stark, CEO of the Stark industry and one of the founding members of Avengers, a playboy, philanthropist, Iron Man, there is so much to envy about his life. Well, his height and brown eyes with a Caucasian look and black hair has surely helped him in his former charming playboy like lifestyle. Also, when it comes to grooming oneself and showing off one’s wealth no one can match the level of Tony.

Tony Stark Net Worth

Education & his Early Life

Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark was born to Howard and Maria Stark in 1970. Howard Stark was the founder of the Stark Industries, manufacturing weaponry and supplying it to the United States. Howard was also one of the leading members of SHIELD and assisted them financially on their scientific and technological innovations. One can say that Tony Stark is much like his father. But Howard, who had dedicated his life to innovations in Stark Industries, and at the same-time serving as an agent of SHIELD, couldn’t devote much of his time to Tony. Resulting in a tenuous and strained relationship between both.

According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999), Tony Stark completed his schooling from Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts (from 1977 to 1984). Then he pursued Bachelor of Science in Thermonuclear astrophysics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (from 1984 to 1987). He was a child prodigy and a mechanical engineering genius, built circuit boards and engines at a very young age. Not a surprise that he completed his graduation from MIT at the age of 17 and managed to be a Topper in his class. There is a varying information on the educational qualification of Tony Stark. According to the main Marvel Comics Universe (Earth-616), he has multiple PhDs from MIT in various fields of Mechanical, Electrical engineering and Physics. On Earth-1610, Marvel Ultimate Universe, he has seven scientific doctorates in the field of computer programming and physics. Everything points to the fact that our beloved hero Tony Stark AKA “Iron Man” is one of the smartest and the most qualified in the Marvel Universe.

On 16 December 1991, Howard and Maria were killed in a car accident, which was later found to be planned by Winter Soldier, under the control of hydra. Shortly after their death Tony took over his father’s place and continued to grow his industry into a multibillion corporation.

During one of his visit to Afghanistan for the demonstration of his new Jericho missile, his convoy was ambushed by members of Ten Rings terrorist organization. During the attack, a bomb exploded right besides him. As a result pieces of shrapnel were lodged into his chest. He was then captured by the terrorists and kept in a hidden location, and was forced to work on weapons of mass destruction for the Ten Rings organization. There he met Doctor Ho Yinsen, a renowned scientist and surgeon, who was also held in captivity. Doctor Ho attached an electromagnet to Tony’s chest which prevented the shrapnel from penetrating his heart. Without which Tony’s death was inevitable. Together they worked on the first Iron Man suit. Tony with the help of this armour suit escaped from imprisonment, however in the process Ho Yinsen had to sacrifice his life.

Tony Stark was then rescued and taken back to America by the air force, where he used his Iron Man suit for the benefit of mankind. He continued to develop new technologies and grow his company, inherited from his father, into a successful corporation.

Net Worth

Along with his technological advanced suit, Tony Stark has a lifestyle to match his rich playboy superhero status.

If you combine some of his Iron Man suits together, right from Mark 1 to Mark 7, they all cost around $1,464,000,000.

Mark 1: $0
Mark 2: $80,000,000
Mark 3: $119,000,000
Mark 4: $120,000,000
Mark 5: $400,000,000
War Machine: $115,000,000
Mark 6: $130,000,000
Mark 7: $500,000,000

Apart from this, the cost of operating the Iron Man suit is $110,302,000, which includes the cost of Arc Reactor which powers the armour, the Jet pack, the computer system and the cost of guns, seek and destroy missiles mounted on shoulders and forearms.

Iron Man Suit Price Cost

Stark also owns JARVIS Super computer whose value is around $10,000,000. It was named after Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark’s Butler. This Artificial intelligence computer controls Tony Stark’s mansion and also acts as his personal assistance. Talking about the mansion, it was located on the cliff side on the coast of Malibu. It was technologically advanced costing a whooping $25,000,000. This all went in drain when the whole mansion was destroyed and brought down in a terrorist attack.

Tony also owns many high-end expensive cars in his collection which of course is not a big deal for a billionaire:

Audi Models:
2008 Audi R8 [$130,000]
Audi R8 Spyder [$152,000]
Red Audi R8 e-tron [$1,100,000]
White Audi R8 e-tron [$1,100,000]

Sports Car Models:
Saleen S7 [$550,000]
Acura NSX [unknown]
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport [$2,000,000]
1978 Wolf WR Ford Replica [unknown]

Luxury Car Models:
Rolls-Royce Phantom [$388,000]
Tesla Roadster [$110,000]

Old Car Models:
1932 Ford Flathead Roadster [$40,000]
1953 Ghia Cadillac [$1,500,000]
1967 Shelby Cobra [unknown]
1949 Mercury Coupe [$60,000]

Tony Stark Car Collection

Along with Stark Industries which itself generates a revenue of $20.3 billion, there are many subsidiaries under its name spread all over the world. To name a few: AccuTech based in California who were involved in the development of Stark Sonic Canon, a non- lethal weapon shooting sound waves. Cordco based in Australia and Stark Fujikawa in Japan all focussed on developing new technologies for the betterment of mankind.

To sum it all up, according to Forbes ranking the net worth of Tony Stark is around $12.4 billion.

His Most Influential Quotes

Journey of Tony Stark is really inspiring. Just by using his intelligence and hard work he built one of the most powerful weapon that too in a cave. Proves you don’t need extraordinary Magic and Godly powers to be a hero. Clearly little hard work and intelligence goes a long way. Here are few of his most influential quotes:

Everybody wants a happy ending, right? But it doesn’t always roll that way.

Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.

If you’re nothing without this suit then you shouldn’t have it.

If we can’t accept limitations then we’re no better than the bad guys.

What is the point of owning a race car if you can’t drive it?

You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys. One thing you can’t take away….I am Iron Man.

What do you think?

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